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Free Consultation
 I will come in and do a one day, FREE evaluation of your existing systems.  

If I don't find anything you need that I am qualified to do, NO CHARGE!


Why ME?

One of the most common problems with smaller entrepreneurial businesses is the lack of adequate infrastructure that can help grow the company. It must also evolve and grow WITH the company. Founders and their initial core staffs are great for the emerging organization, typically doing only what is absolutely essential. They often fail to structure for that success. WHEN they are successful, their systems quickly become inadequate or cumbersome. Worse yet, they become a major drain or limiting factor.

Don't believe me? How many companies do you know are doing "new systems implementations"? According to IT/ERP consultants, the panacea for most organizational ills is to totally replace the system. Somehow they sell the concept that REVOLUTION is easier, less painful or disruptive.

I propose instead to tune it up to meet the needs and challenges unique to each organization. Tighten the disciplines, policies and procedures ("oh that always happens DURING the implementation"), educating the valued incumbent employees. They may never have seen a real working, thriving system. I bring best practices that I've observed and used FIRST HAND.

You probably are thinking "can't my bookkeeper/CPA do all this for me"? Possibly, but probably not for a number of reasons. Lack of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE is usually the show-stopper. CPA's tend to be generalists. Many CPA's hated Cost Accounting and may have barely passed that section of the CPA exam. When they aren't generalists, they become specialized in other areas like SARBOX, Taxes, M&A to name a few. Why not Cost Accounting and Operations? Because the population of clients is shrinking and there isn't as much money in it.

So again, WHY ME?

I have over 25 years of HANDS-ON accounting and manufacturing experience “doing”. I have been a CFO of numerous successful companies in a diverse number of industry segments. I am a fixer, a business partner who understands how to make money, not just a “bean counter” that's mesmerized by the technical accuracy and beauty of General Ledger reports.

My management responsibilities have spanned MIS/IT, General Accounting, Cost Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Cost Estimating, A/R, A/P, Credit and Collections, Payroll, Administrative Services and HR. I am skilled in all these, and have taught many of the incumbents’ aspects of their jobs they needed to become more successful. I am a mentor.

I have done significant strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting. I am a proponent of creating benchmarks that add value, without adding complexity. Simply put, I am an agent of change, but not just for the sake of change. I have “invented” Key Performance Indices as required, to help the Production/Operations departments function more efficiently. I am not a technophobe, and embrace new technologies. I can help adapt systems to better serve the organization.

I favor simple, yet elegant solutions, thrive in chaotic environments and enjoy bringing order to chaos.

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