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Free Consultation
 I will come in and do a one day, FREE evaluation of your existing systems.  

If I don't find anything you need that I am qualified to do, NO CHARGE!

Welcome to Your 1099 CFO!

This service was born out of a need for providing CFO support to entrepreneurial organizations under $25 million in annual revenues. 

While seeking employment, I quickly realized there were many companies desperately needing the skills that a seasoned CFO could bring, but couldn't really afford them full time. Instead of hiring the advanced skills they needed to grow and flourish, they settled for far less. These are the very same companies that can't afford to NOT HAVE that support. As a result, I decided to consult with these companies on an as needed, "specified task" basis.  

The focus of my service is NOT intended to eliminate your own staff or your CPA, but to complement their effort and enhance their results, by improving the Financial and Operational infrastructure of your company. I avoid "empire building" by embracing technology, and implementing simple, yet elegant solutions that benefit the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION, and not just the "bean counters".    

My mission statement is simple.  
Give your company an infrastructure and efficiencies that translates
into more EBITDA, improved cash flow, better feedback, 
and far less cumbersome systems benefitting all.

Otto J. Kubik 

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